Dublin Trail Description

Trail signs and intersections
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Trail on map Entrance to Dublin Trail Parking Lot Sign at Dubling Trail parking lot entrance The start of the Dublin Trail Intersection with Marlboro Trail leading to summit Jim's junction Dublin and Marlboro Trails marker at the summit

Elevation Gain: 1597 ft.
Length: 2.11 miles
Difficulty: 3
Popularity: 3

Early section of trail The trailhead for the Dublin Trail can be accessed from the North on the Old Troy Rd near the Dublin Country Club or from the South on the Old Dublin Rd off of NH Rt. 124. The trail starts off at the Southern end of the parking lot at the large sign post with a map. The trail goes into the woods and immediately left and across the road and back into the woods. From here the trail is level for a bit before dipping down some and then going back up again. The trail crosses a brook before a right hand turn and then comes to an old road before turning back left. The trail now heads up at a slightly steeper pace. The trail is still pretty gentle for a ways while steadily gaining elevation. As the trail goes up, it begins to get rockier as well.

Steep rocky section of trail Now the trail will start to get steeper and have some larger rocks to go up over. It continues like this for quite a while before coming to the first steep and rocky section of the trail. Continuing up past this, you will come to a small opening in the trees where you can climb up on the rock to your right for you first limited view back to the West. As the trail goes up further, it becomes a mix of uphill climbs and flatter passes through the trees with a couple small down hills or dips mixed in. As you continue to climb, you will start to have a few more views on the left side of the trail off to the North. You will now start to come in and out of the trees some while going up the trail. For a while you will head along the side of the ridge you are on, but soon you will turn right and head back up it.

Nearing the intersection with the Marlboro Trail Now getting closer to tree line the summit is getting closer. You may find spots on the trail where you can look up the mountain and see what you might think is the summit, but that still remains out of sight. Hiking over the open rock, you will soon come to the intersection where the Marlboro Trail joins you from the right where a sign marks "Jim's Junction." Continue to the left here and continue up and over the large rocks that make up the trail. The summit is now in sight and you can follow the trail over the top of the ridge. While this part of the climb isn't overly steep, it does include some small scrambles up over rocky areas. Before long you will be at the end of the trail and able to enjoy the summit.

When descending... the trail starts combined with the Marlboro Trail and it is easy to follow the painted markings on the rocks from the summit. Soon you will come to an intersection with painted markings on the rocks where the Marlboro Trail heads left and the Dublin Trail heads right. The trail will slowly work its way back into the trees and down the mountain. The upper section is both steady climbs down and easier more level sections. Soon you will be fully back into the trees and heading down more steep and rocky descents. After some of these, you will come to a little easier but still fairly rocky section. This continues for quite a ways before leveling out some more and going through a few last ups and downs. You will soon come to the road crossing just before the parking lot. If you continue straight after the road crossing and before the parking lot, you will be headed out the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway which leads all the way to Mt. Sunapee.

Trail signs and intersections while descending
Dublin and Marlboro Trails marker at the summit Dublin and Marlboro Trails marker just after White Arrow Trail turn Separation from the Marlboro Trail End of the Dublin Trail back at the parking lot
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