Hedgehog Trail Description

Trail signs and intersections
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Trail on map The Hedgehog Trail is reached by the Sidefoot Trail Start of the Hedgehog Trail Sign at the start of the Hedgehog Trail The top of the Hedgehog Trail at Bald Rock

Elevation Gain: 453 ft.
Length: 0.24 miles
Difficulty: 4
Popularity: 4

Part way up the trail The Hedgehog Trail is accessed from the Sidefoot Trail after leaving the old Halfway House Site. It is the third of three side trails that branch off to the right of the Sidefoot Trail and it leads directly up to Bald Rock. The trail starts off at a steady uphill incline and has a few rocks in the trail. Very quickly though, the trail gets steeper and becomes a little rougher with some roots in the trail to go along with the rocks. As the trail continues, there become a few less rocks, but it stays pretty steep.

Bald Rock just before the end Moving further up the trail the terrain gets a little easier not being quite as steep. The trail mostly levels out for a brief section as well. But soon the trail begins to climb again before leveling back out a little. Here the trail surface is smooth flats rocks where the soil is thin. After this the final climb begins with a scramble up some large rocks that make up the trail. As you continue up this climb you a view up the rounded smooth rock that is Bald Rock. The trail is steep for just a little bit more before coming up next to Bald Rock and then onto it.

When descending... the trail heads down from the peak of Bald Rock and is marked with white painted letters and an arrow. The trail starts off steep and rocky and caution should be taken here. After that the trails levels out some before heading down hill pretty steeply. The footing is solid, but is made up of many rocks and roots in sections. The trail is pretty easy to follow and come out to the Sidefoot Trail in little time. Here you can turn left to continue heading down the mountain.

Trail signs and intersections while descending
The start of the Hedgehog Trail Paint on the rocks marking the Hedgehog Trail Faint paint on the rocks marking the way to the Old Toll Road Sign at the bottom of the trail marking the direction of the Sidefoot Trail
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