Point Surprise Trail Description

Trail signs and intersections
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Trail on map Start of the Point Surprise Trail at Halfway House Site Sign where the Point Surprise Trail splits from the Hello Rock and Thoreau Trails End of Point Surprise Trail Sign showing direction of Cliffwalk Trail at the end of Point Surprise Trail

Elevation Gain: 153 ft.
Length: 0.23 miles
Difficulty: 2
Popularity: 5

Early section of the trail The Point Surprise Trail starts on the right hand side of the Old Halfway House Site. At the beginning it is combined with the Thoreau and Hello Rock Trails. The trail heads to the right making an arc to the left as it goes uphill. In just a short bit, the three trails separate at one intersection with the Point Surprise Trail going straight in the middle. The trail continues uphill from here heading into a thicker softwood forest. After a small climb, the trail levels out and goes into a section of even thicker forest. This makes the trail quite dark even on sunny days.

Coming to the end of the trail with a view After continuing along level ground for a ways, you will come to an open section with exposed rock for the trail surface. Here the trail goes uphill briefly again while going back into the trees and leveling out once again. You continue through a still quite thick forest before it opens up slightly and heads uphill over smooth rock. The trail keeps going uphill some as you near the end. The trail finishes with a brief level spot before coming to the Cliff Walk Trail. From this intersection you can head just 50 feet to your right to come out to the viewpoint that is Point Surprise before heading up the mountain to your left.

When descending... the trail is accessed from the Cliff Walk Trail and heads to the right. It goes downhill a bit before leveling off some in some thick softwood forrest. The trail stays mostly level for a while with brief declines. After a little ways the trail will start to head downhill steadily and will soon join with the Thoreau Trail from your right and Hello Rock Trail from your left. Very quickly you will come out to the Old Halfway House Site and the end of the trail at the White Arrow Trail.

Trail signs and intersections while descending
Start of Point Surprise Trail Sign at start of Point Surprise Trail Sign where Point Surprise Trail joins with Thoreau and Hello Rock Trails End of Point Surprise Trail at Halfway House Site
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