Pond Loop Trail Description

Trail signs and intersections
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Trail on map The Pond Loop Trail is reached from the Gilson Pond parking lot The Pond Loop Trail splits off to the right at the dirt road Where the trail goes into the trees Sign where the trail goes into the trees Start of the Ravine Trail on the Pond Loop Trail Turn in the Pond Loop Trail where it meets the Birchtoft Trail

Elevation Gain: 24 ft.
Length: 0.59 miles
Difficulty: 1
Popularity: 5

View up the mountain along the pond's shore The Pond Loop Trail is reached from the Birchtoft Trail shortly after leaving the Gilson Pond trailhead parking lot. When you cross the dirt road, the Pond Loop Trail is on your right at the edge of the grass. You venture into the trees and heads towards the edge of the pond. Once there, the trail turns right to follow the shoreline. For the length of the trail, the pond stays in sight as you are never more than 100 feet from it. Very early on the trail you are given a nice view looking up towards the summit of the mountain. The trail weaves around large hemlock trees while staying next to the water. Soon you will come to a narrow spot of the trail as the shoreline is a little steep just before coming to a small dam where the water comes out of the pond. This is also where the Ravine Trail heads off towards your right.

The trail following close to the shore The trail heads over the dam on a nice bridge with a built in seat before going back into the trees. The trail stays smooth with small ups and downs as it works further around the pond. Near the far end of the pond, you will cross over a walking bridge made from a log sawed in half. Just after this you will come to a brook coming into the pond with a wooden bridge to cross. Here the trail curves around the end of the pond and into an area that can be a bit wet. Soon you will cross through a small stone wall before the trail goes into an area of small bushes and trees. The trail will now veer away from the water slightly just before coming to the Birchtoft Trail where you can turn right to head up the mountain or left to finish the loop around the pond and back to the campground.

When descending... the trail is on the left side of the Birchtoft Trail as you are coming down the mountain. The trail works over to the shore of Gilson Pond where it follows the edge around. There is a small contributing brook to cross on a wooden bridge near the end of the pond. After a while you will come out to the dam where the water leaves the pond. The Ravine Trail is here on your left. The trail continues to follow the shore in the trees until coming out onto a grassy area next to a dirt road and back at the Birchtoft Trail. Follow the Birchtoft Trail to the left through the trees to get back the trailhead parking lot.

Trail signs and intersections while descending
The Pond Loop Trail turning off from the Birchtoft Trail Start of the Ravine Trail on the Pond Loop Trail Sign where the trail comes out of the trees At the dirt road the Pond Loop Trail connects back to the Birchtoft Trail
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