Spellman Trail Description

Trail signs and intersections
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Trail on map Spellman Trail sign on the Cascade Link Paint on the rocks marking the Pumpelly Trail Paint on the rocks on Pumpelly Trail showing direction to summit Trail sign once you reach the Pumpelly Trail Sign giving distance to summit on Pumpelly Trail

Elevation Gain: 577 ft.
Length: 0.40 miles
Difficulty: 5
Popularity: 5

Showing how steep the trail can be The Spellman Trail is found off of the Cascade Link just a little above the Red Dot Trail. It is the steepest trail on the mountain and should only be attempted with good footwear and if you are comfortable with steep trails. The very start of the trail is smooth and level, but it is also very short. Almost immediately the trail starts to climb steeply up the mountain. The first incline is a scramble up some large rocks that look like they tumbled down from above many years ago. As the trail continues, the rocks get smaller, but the steepness doesn't go away.

Look out just above the steepest section Being such a steep trail, there are a few good views to the East as you look over the trees. The best of these views can be found in the next section of trail where you are on an open rock face. The trail goes straight up this and you need to be careful and plan your footing well as it is pretty smooth here. Above this, the trail stays in the open but is a little easier going as there are now more places for you to put your feet and it isn't quite as steep. After this the trail stops being so steep, but heads over a section of medium size rocks that are scattered and make up the trail. Just after this though, the trail ends meeting up with the Pumpelly Trail where you can turn left and head up to the summit.

When descending... the trail can be accessed off the Pumpelly Trail. With this trail being so steep, it is recommended that you don't go down this trail unless you are an experienced hiker. The trail is very steep and some sections provide little traction and not much to hold onto or use to stop you if you slip or fall. If you do hike down this trail, take your time as the trail is steep and rock the entire length. Look ahead and plan where you will go before you do. As you get down the trail it becomes many large rocks to climb down before it finally levels out just before coming to the Cascade Link.

Trail signs and intersections while descending
Paint on the rocks marking the top of the Spellman Trail Sign at the start of the Spellman Trail Trail sign once you reach the Cascade Link Sign showing direction back to State Park Headquarters
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